16oz Single Wall Hot Drink Cups. 454 ml capacity. 16oz compostable paper cups made from sustainably sourced white paper with a PLA (plant starch) moisture barrier. Leaf 2 hot cups are certified commercially compostable by Din Certco, with their seedling logo shown on the cups. Naturally, the cups are also biodegradable.


The Leaf 2 stock design is printed green with the words “sustainable, renewable, compostable”, hence making the eco-credentials clear. Suitable for serving large takeaway hot drinks. Compostable Lids (code EPLALL)  are available separately, as are Plastic Lids (code EPS12CLW).


Serving both takeaway food and drinks?  Matching Leaf 2 White Paper Food Containers are also available.

Leaf 2 16oz Enviroware Single Wall Cup

  • 88 x 88 x 134 mm