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Clear 9oz Plastic Cups (256 ml).   These small squat plastic cups are 72mm tall and 92mm at the top.


Suitable lids include Raised Flat Lids without hole (PPPLL43).


These versatile disposable plastic cups can be used for cold drinks, but their squat shape makes them ideal for serving desserts such as cheesecake pots.


Can be combined with 3.25oz Portion Pots (XPET325) and 4oz Portion Pots (XPET400), to make a combination cup (see photo). Designed to keep two ingredients separate. Simply fill the 9oz cup with your main ingredient (be sure to leave space for the portion pot to sit inside the top of the cup), then fill up the portion pot with your second ingredient, such as a sauce or sprinkles, and clip inside the lid (PPPLL34). The lid can then be fitted on top of the main 9oz cup, for a secure fit. Ideal for use as a fruit pot – with yogurt or crème fraîche contained separately in the portion pot.


Made from clear PET, these 9oz plastic cups are recyclable after use.


Price excludes VAT.  Buying in bulk? Please email for pricing. 

9oz Clear PET Cups – 92mm

  • 92 x  92 x  72 mm

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