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EnviroWare 750ml kraft food containers are made from natural kraft brown paperboard with a PLA (plant starch) lining.  Perfect for serving hot meals such as poke bowls or cold foods such as salads.


2 styles of lid availability separately. Clear PLA lids are perfect for cold foods such as salads. Kraft paperboard lids are suited to hot foods as the vent holes allow steam to escape. All lids fit securely, protecting food and aiding safe transportation.


Can be used for takeaway meals or street food.  These containers and their lids can be commercially composted with food waste after use. 


Price excludes VAT.  Buying in bulk? Please email for pricing. 


Sold in cases of 300.

750ml Kraft PLA Lined Food Container (case of 300)

  • 150 x 150 x 62 mm
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