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32 floz Clear Deli Container made from polypropylene (PP) plastic. Dimensions are 117 mm diameter x 142 mm deep, with a 909 ml capacity.


These large 32oz Polypropylene clear deli containers are suitable for hot or cold take away foods. 


Polypropylene can withstand high temperatures, therefore the deli containers are suitable for microwave reheating food.   PP deli containers are strong and sturdy - ideal for packaging takeaway foods, sauces, or deli foods.  


Polypropylene food containers can be recycled, where local facilities exist.  


A flat, secure fitting lid is available to fit the 32 floz Clear Deli Container.  This can be purchased separately - see code LW703X.


The Clear PP Delware Deli Container range includes other smaller sizes, such as - 8, 12, 16 and 24 fl oz.


Price excludes VAT.  Buying in bulk? Please email for pricing. 

32floz Clear PP Deli Container (case of 500)

  • 117 x 117 x 142 mm

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