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Wooden Dispenser Spoons.  Wooden spoon refill packs for Wooden Cutlery Dispensers.  Each outer case contains 8 x packs of 100 spoons.


Wooden Cutlery Dispensers filled with premium single-use wooden cutlery; the world’s most hygienic zero touch dispenser. Users have zero contact with the cutlery when filling or using the dispenser. There are no levers or buttons to press – simply pull the cutlery handle from the dispenser.


Wooden cutlery dispensers prevent wastage, as customers only pick what they’re going to use.


Cutlery dispensers may be placed on counters, wall / stand mounted.


Wooden wooden cutlery dispensers are perfect for: self service areas, food kiosks, food courts, stadiums and take away restaurants.


Price excludes VAT.  Buying in bulk?  Please email for pricing.

174mm Wooden Dispenser Spoons - Regular

  • 170 x 35 x 7mm

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