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Packaging News promote our website!

Thanks to Packaging News for promoting our new Packaging Food2Go website...

“The food service industry has always been quick to adapt to changes in the marketplace,” said Managing Director Nick Burton. “The speed with which business have responded to the current crisis is genuinely impressive. Many food & drink outlets have used their ingenuity to remain operational during this difficult time by introducing ‘contact-free’ home delivery for those members of the public who are now working from home or need to self-isolate.

“Disposable food packaging is key to ensuring these delivery systems work. Indeed, safe, secure and hygienic food packaging will play a key role throughout the coronavirus crisis.

“Businesses have so much more to worry about than usual in the current climate and we want to make ordering the right packaging as easy as possible, to keep food delivery businesses and take-away outlets going with their full food offering – while keeping the nation safely fed.”

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