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New Wooden Cutlery Dispensers

Celebration Packaging’s new easy to use zero-touch wooden cutlery dispenser is filled with sustainable premium wooden single-use cutlery – delivering a perfect combination of hygiene, convenience, and sustainability.

Why use wooden cutlery dispensers?

Reducing waste in any foodservice outlet is always a challenge and this cutlery dispenser prevents wastage and over-consumption, as customers only pick the items they are going to use, rather than taking – and touching – multiple items.


“This is the world’s most hygienic zero-touch wooden cutlery dispenser,” says Celebration Packaging Managing Director Nick Burton. “For end-users, there are no levers or buttons to press, as they simply pull the cutlery handle from the dispenser. This creates a sanitary dispensing solution, significantly reducing the chance of contamination by bacteria, germs, and viruses, which is common with traditional open cutlery trays and pots.


“Meanwhile, operators have absolutely zero contact with the cutlery when filling the dispenser, which totally prevents cross-contamination.”


What types of businesses use wooden cutlery dispeners?

Ideal for self-service areas, takeaway and QSR restaurants, food kiosks, food courts, service stations, and stadiums, the unit has a small footprint when placed on counters, or can also be wall or stand mounted.


Quality, good hygiene and neat presentation

For operators, the high-quality, robust and aesthetically pleasing dispenser is designed to be easy to maintain, as the transparent housing shows the cutlery level, and it is purely mechanical with no power or batteries required.

“Our new wooden cutlery dispensers offer a professional minimalist, modern looking, practical and organised solution, especially when compared to messy and unorganised open cutlery trays or pots, which are often a hot-bed for germs, viruses and bacteria,” says Nick Burton. “But, perhaps the biggest benefit of these innovative new zero-touch wooden cutlery dispensers is that consumers only touch the handle of the piece of cutlery they are going to use, so this is both a hygienic and a waste-saving solution.”


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