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Bagasse Hinged Food Boxes

Made from natural non-wood fibres these boxes are from renewable and sustainable resources.  Enviroware® hinged food boxes are strong, rigid and fully compostable. 


Microwavable Containers

New ClearView™ MealMaster™ Containers & Lids give operators everything they have come to expect in take-away containers and a great deal more.


Kraft PE Lined Soup Containers & Lids

Kraft PE Lined Soup Containers are made from brown paperboard with a PE plastic lining. Ideal for hot foods such as soups and noodles.


Salad Containers

Made from recycled PET plastic. The style and clarity of the container make it ideal for food presentation whilst ensuring safe transportation of contents.

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Tamper Evident Containers

Ideal for retailing deli food or even shipped fresh soup. When the lid is fitted the security tab must be  broken before the lid can be removed. 


PET Sundae Dishes & Lids

Suitable for a variety of cold foods from ice-creams & desserts to fruits and crudités. Clear PET Lids are available in a variety of styles to suit many different  applications.


Kraft Box Food Containers

Made from  brown paper with a PE coating. The convenient ‘one piece’ design in a range of sizes is ideal for individual meals on-the-go.


Pizza Box

Pizza Boxes are made from corrugated cardboard.  Strong and sturdy to keep your pizza protected when transporting.


Paper Container Combi Pack

The combi container and lid pack is available in a range of sizes and is suitable for both hot and cold foods.  

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Deli Containers & Lids

These containers are suitable for a variety food from ice-creams & desserts to fruits and crudités. Clear round PET containers are in 8oz to 32oz sizes one lid fits all sizes.


PP Cover Pots

Made from PP plastic these cover pots are available in a range of sizes making them suitable for virtually any application where a controlled serving of sauce, salsa or dips are required.

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CPLA High Temperature Cutlery

Suitable for warm and hot foods up to temperatures of 85°C. Commercially compostable cutlery offers the same strength quality as standard plastic cutlery. 


Reusable Microwavable Containers

Made from durable polypropylene both the containers and lids are designed for reuse time and time again. Perfect for microwave re-heating of chilled foods.


PE Lined Ripple

The Brown Ripple Wrap container’s innovative design provides excellent insulation ensuring hand comfort whilst the PE lining creates a leak resistant barrier.


Bowls & Lids

RPET Bowls are suitable for chilled produce such as salads and cold pasta. The Clear PET snap on domed lids are available for both size bowls.


Microwavable Deli Containers & Lids

Clear PP Deli Containers & Lids are made from clear PP Plastic. The deli container is heat tolerant making it suitable for microwave use.


PET Portion Pots and Lids

PET portion pots are ideal for controlling portion size. The range of sizes makes these a versatile accompaniment to any catering style and meals on the go.



1 and 2 ply napkins in white or natural. Ideal for high use catering establishments.

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