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Coronavirus: increased demand for take away foods

As Coronavirus spreads across the UK, the government is advising people to avoid non-essential contact with others.  With a focus on the public being asked to stay at home, or at least to stop unnecessary travel and social gatherings, the hospitality sector is under threat as places like pubs, restaurants, clubs and theatres are being avoided.Stories are emerging about food & drink businesses using their ingenuity to remain operational during this difficult time by offering take out and / or home delivery to those members of the public who need to self isolate.Celebration have a wide range of packaging available – ideal for home meal replacement / take out dining.

Hot food packaging

Our PP (polypropylene) plastic packaging is extremely versatile, allowing for prepared meals to be safely transported, stored in the fridge or freezer and microwave reheated. These product ranges include Clearview™ Mealmaster™ Microwaveable containers & lids and Tamper evident containers.

Cold food packaging 

We have an abundance of packaging suitable for salads and cold foods.  Product ranges such as RPET salad containers and Kraft paper food containers are available in many sizes - something for individual or family sized sharing portions. 

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