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Clear 7oz Plastic Cups (200ml).  86mm tall and 78mm diameter. 


Raised flat lids without a hole (XP76RFL) available separately.  These versatile small plastic cups are great for cold drinks, smoothies, fruit juices or desserts.


Can be combined with 2oz insert pots (XPI200), to make a combination cup (see photos). Designed to keep two ingredients separate. Simply fill the 7oz cup no more than 2/3 full, then place the filled 2oz portion pot inside the cup, where it will sit in the rim. The raised flat lid (XP76RFL) will then fit securely onto the cup / portion pot combination.



Made from clear PET, recyclable after use.


Price excludes VAT.  Buying in bulk? Please email for pricing. 

7oz Clear PET Cups

  • 78 x 78 x  86 mm

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