Leakproof Lid for Bagasse Rectangular Food Containers. Fits both 750ml (code LPBRC750) and 1000ml (code LPBRC1000) capacity containers.   Both food bowls and matching lids are natural light brown in colour and made from bagasse non wood fibres (from sugarcane).  Originating from renewable and sustainable resources, after use, the packaging is commercially compostable.


Lids provide a snap-fit, creating a leakproof seal, ensuring contents is safe and secure during transportation. Perfect for hot or cold takeaway meals.  Suitable for microwave reheating and freezer safe. Supplied in cases of 600.


Price excludes VAT.  Buying in bulk? Please email sales@celebration.co.uk for pricing. 

Leakproof Bagasse Lid for Rectangular Containers

  • 196 x 155 x 9mm